Today I went and explored the city centre of Naples with another Aussie and a girl from the UK who are also staying in my hostel outside the city centre.

We went and checked out one of the hundreds of tunnels that were built 30 meters below the city more than 500 years ago. These same tunnels were used as air raid shelters in WW2. We also had some amazing Pizza on the street where it was pretty much invented, found some real Granita, and then got lost wandering the streets.

I never realised how much poverty there was in Italy and its pretty obvious in Naples. I really expected to see more poverty in Spain, buy it seems much worse here in Italy. Walking around naples is actually like walking around in a developing country. All the cars and scooters are beat up, dented and literally held together with duct tape. Families of four zip around the city piled onto tiny scooters. Every inch of the city is covered in scrappy (mostly) unattractive graffiti and rubbish blows through the streets. Everything has a layer of dirt and grime on it and people try and flog off stolen iPhones and iPad on street corners.

Even so, it has a certain charm and the area has a fair bit to see and do so I ended up booking in two more nights here to go and see some awesome underwater ruins and hopefully get out to see the Blue Grotto.