After drinking session at the hostel our day trip to scuba and snorkel the ancient Roman underwater ruins of Baia expanded from 3 people to 6 people. Another 2 Aussies and a Scott who insisted on using his Aussie accent and using the word shiela constantly.

It took almost 2 hours to get there so we didn’t make it in time to the earlier dive, so for the afternoon we wandered the town to wait for the late afternoon dive. After getting lost in someones vineyard and then their front yard we found a beautiful bright blue lake sitting next to some ancient ruins. The rest of the afternoon consisted of Swords, Sandwiches and some pretty hilarious and friendly encounters with locals.

The dive was pretty amazing. The ruins are only an average of 6 meters below the surface so the others snorkelled and kept free diving down to get a better look while I scuba dived below. This mosaic is usually covered with sand, but a diver goes down and uncovers it. After we had a gawk we then helped cover it with sand again to prevent the Algae from growing over it. There were also tonnes of pottery on the ocean floor that you could pick up, and you can clearly make out house foundations, tiles, footpaths, columns, aqueducts etc.

The actual size of the underwater ruins is bigger than Pompeii so seeing it all in one day is obviously impossible. There are some sites that still have life-size Roman statues inside the foundations of a villa which would be amazing to see, but unfortunately tomorrow I have to move on to somewhere else, where, I’m not sure.