Day-135 Today I pointlessly arrived on the greek Island of ios. My scheduled 11.50am Ferry didn’t leave until after 1pm due to the the weather being shite and windy as hell which means by the time I arrived and check in to my hostel it was too late to see anything outside of the main town. So I spent most of the afternoon drinking beer and attempting (failing) to make future travel plans.

I climbed the nearby hill to watch the sunset though which I thought was far better than the famous sunset from Santorini. On the way back down the streets were pretty dead, which was surprising since this is supposed to be a “Party” Island. It’s now 10pm on a Saturday night, so I guess I had better go see where this party is at.

Edit: Its now 10.47pm and there aint no party here, I went to check out a a few bars that were still open but there was nothing going on at all! Probably should have just stayed on Santorini me thinks.