Walkathon 5 billion. I think I circumnavigated central Tirana about 5 times today just taking in the city and people watching, although people seemed to be watching me as much as I was watching them. I had my photo taken with about 15 people today, plus with a huge group of school kids, probably even more times than an average day in Japan.

While walking around I memorised the some basic Albanian words and have never seen people so happy and surprised to hear a foreigner speak a few words of their language. So far everyone has been extremely friendly. Some more things I saw and discovered today which you can probably only see in Albania:

A man carrying 2 live ducks in a plastic bag with their heads poking out the top and quacking away.

A piece of the Berlin wall and a bunker from the same area.

2 people on a motorbike carrying another motorbike.

No less than 6 carnivals/fairs (not sure whats up with that, they are everywhere)

Tirana has only recently introduced street names and there are still no building numbers. The locals navigate and give directions by landmarks.

A pet shop selling different types of monkeys.

Old communist buildings splashed with colourful paint.

This dilapidated pyramid in the city centre.