During the Communist times in Albania the government built over 700,000 of these bunkers all over the country. Some have now been re-purposed as homeless and Animal shelters, canvases for artists, Cafe’s and even giant pot plants (when dug out and turned upside down). However you will mostly find them scattered throughout the countryside, in graveyards, on beaches, and hidden in forests like this one here.

I found this bunker along with about 15 others in the Forest on Mount Dajti which is a short bus ride and cable car ride from the centre of Tirana. The views on the mountain are pretty spectacular but the whole mountain top is eerily quiet, full of old/dilapidated hotels and cafes and also has an army base which I was hastily shooed away from.

Oh, and I also found the answer to the commonly asked question about the Albanian Flag In the National History Museum. Question: is the animal on the Albanian flag a two headed dragon or Eagle? Answer: Its an Eagle, just as I suspected.