After 8 hours on a night bus, 2 hours waiting at a hotel, 2 hours on a minibus, and 2 hours in a canoe we finally arrived at our Amazonian lodge nestled deep in the Cuyabeno reserve. The Cuyabeno reserve is considered one of the areas of the Amazon with the most biodiversity because of the smaller rivers and huge lakes. At the lodge we were separated into groups and assigned our guides and rooms. After only 10 minutes it became apparent that we had scored an excellent guide who had been living in the Jungle for more than 25 years. His name is Nathan, but goes by the nickname Rambo. He sports a giant jungle knife, binoculars, camera, carries an awesome telescope with everywhere and has the senses of a superhero.

On the way to the lodge Rambo stopped us to check out a huge Anaconda which was digesting a bore and also spotted some turtles, monkeys and different birds.

As night fell we went to the nearby lake to watch the sunset and spot caymans. With Rambos super senses we also saw some Stinky Turkeys, tonnes of Caymans and a White Python. Back at the lodge we had dinner and were then introduced to the tarantulas and frogs which live in the thatched roof. After crawling under out mosquito net for the night we fell asleep with a firefly buzzing around the room.