Gringo Frog! Rambo had us trekking through the jungle straight after breakfast today. The hike lasted 4 hours, crossed the equator and once again Rambos super senses detected this white frog which he dubbed “Gringo Frog” (because he had never seen one before). He also honed in on some leaf cutter ants, bats, stitching ants, lemon ants (which are really sour), massive Bullet ants, a crazily tiny poison frog, a shiny metallic ant, toucans and a snake and a frog fighting for survival. Before we escaped the Jungle we had to cross a muddy swamp which was knee deep and required us to balance on logs and use sticks to pull ourselves out.

After lunch and a quick nap we went out again to do a night walk in the jungle. On the way to the starting point we came across a three toed sloth, and stopped to look at some falcons when it started raining. We decided that we wouldn’t be able to see much in the rain so decided to wait it out back at camp and take a walk around the camp instead. We found some tapir tracks, spotted a cayman right where we swim every day, a night monkey, cave spiders, porcupine fighting arena, slugs, catfish, and some more fireflies.