This may just look like a boring wall, but this is actually one of the most exciting things we have seen in South America, The Dinosaur Dance floor! This wall of Dinosaur footprints is the largest collection of dinosaur footprints anywhere in the world (look at the digger and two workers sitting on the rock in the bottom left for a sense of scale).

There are a total of over 5000 footprints and some tracks spanning more than 1000 meters long. Parts of the wall have unfortunately collapsed in recent years as the dance floor was discovered behind a big industrial factory which mines the lands for concrete materials and has caused the land to become unstable. However behind the collapsed parts of the wall there are even more layers of footprints which go back further in time. The dance floor also includes a museum of fossils, bones, life size replicas and demonstrates how to identify different species of Dinosaur footprints on the wall.

We also adopted a bolivian child for the day. Jose Luis (also known as little buddy) approached us while we were waiting for the bus to the dance floor handing out pamphlets. Somehow he managed to talk the driver into letting him come on the bus ride with us and another couple from the hostel, but without enough money to get into the dinosaur park we paid for his entry ticket. After visiting the dance floor the return bus rudely left without us so the 5 of us had to squeeze into a taxi back to town and little buddy fell asleep on my shoulder. It turned out little buddy had missed class because of the delayed return so we wrote him a note for his teacher informing him/her that Little Buddy had spent the day practising his english and learning about dinosaurs but unfortunately missed the bus back to school. Neither Little Buddy or his teacher spoke english though, so hopefully he didn’t get into too much trouble.