Sami! I met up with my old buddy Sami today in Kensington. Sami couch surfed with us in Melbourne about 3 years ago and although originally from Toronto, she is usually off galavanting somewhere close to the ocean teaching people to Dive. Coincidentally she happened to return to Toronto a couple of days before I arrived. We spent the afternoon wandering the Kensington markets where we found this goggle wearing puppy, Then we wandered through Chinatown, spent a few hours playing children’s board games over tea and coffee (where Sami cheated multiple times), and then we went out for a few drinks and some Korean BBQ where we ate WAYYYY too much.

Before meeting up with Sami, Bridget, a friends and I did a “free” tour of the Steamwhistle brewery in. I had some free tickets from the day before but everyone else in our group “accidentally” walked out and forgot to pay for the tour, so we had an afternoon of free beer and a free tour ūüôā

I may have also chased a Racoon while wandering back home at 1am.