Quebec City! Brae, Maria and I took a rideshare to Quebec city today to visit our very first Quarry Couchsurfing friends Estelle and Sophie who ended up living in our laundry for about 6 months several years ago, It’s thanks to meeting awesome people like Soph and Eselle that made me want to get out and do a big trip like this, so I definitely wasn’t going to leave Canada without paying them a long overdue visit 🙂

We all went out for a wee bit of exploring quaint little Quebec City together along with Soph’s tiny little 5 month old human. Brae, Maria and I ended up at a brewery over the other side of the river watching the sun set over Quebec city
and Château Frontenac when we accidentally missed the boat back.

When we returned to Estelle’s in the evening it was beer on like the old quebec filled quarry days unfortunately without Soph though as she of course had a tiny human to take care of. X amount of beers and shots later I found myself passed out in a pile of garbage in Estelles sun room, just like it used to be.