This morning I woke up with a slight hangover from a drinking session with Brae and his workmates where I pretty much had to carry brae home, but I made it to the metro with plenty of time to make it to my rideshare to Ottawa today. However today of all days the Metro decided to breakdown so I missed my rideshare and was forced to take the bus instead. The bus had wifi which was cool, but at almost $40 for a 2 hour trip it was so overpriced! So overpriced in fact that I didn’t have enough cash to get a hostel for the night, but luckily using the wifi on the bus I managed to find a last minute couch surf.

With only 24 hours in Ottawa I took a walk around parliament hill to admire the amazing architecture, however just as with most places I seem to go these days there were construction works going on around the main building. before long it started raining and thats when I took a walk to the ottawa lock’s then took a rainy, misty walk along the river taking some photos before randomly stumbling across the Mill Street Brewery! Bam! Beer! Delicious!

After another walk along the river to the art gallery I went and explored the market are of Ottawa and then made my way to my couchsurfing hosts apartment in the adjacent city across the river. Again I didn’t have much luck with the public transport for the second time today when the but sped straight past the stop so I had to wait an extra 30 minutes in the rain. lame.

This is the giant spider which sits out the front of the Ottawa art gallery. I found another one in Toronto an the distillery district a couple of weeks ago too.