After only 3 hours sleep I woke up to hunt down some breakfast with Christy and her two mates where we crashed. Bagels it was, huge bagels. The portions in the USA really are crazy huge, the meal I ordered at a thai restaurant last night could have easily fed two people. After bagel town I made my way into town again to explore the city some more and try and get a photo of a book bound in human skin which is at the Boston Athenaeum.

Judging from todays photo you can tell I didn’t manage to get the photo. I couldn’t get it because the book had been taken off display to rotate some other old books. I managed to get a contact and sent an email requesting a private viewing of the book later in the week, so fingers crossed it works out and I can take a look and take some photos soon.

This graveyard is called the Granary Burying Ground and sits in the middle of the city of Boston surrounded by buildings behind the Boston Athenaeum. It contains several historical graves including that of John Hancock, Paul Revere, Samuel Adams and the victims of the Boston Massacre as well as a few other assorted local legends. I thought some of the old headstones like this one were pretty cool and it was a good miserable, rainy day to be wandering like a tired, hungover, zombie through an old graveyard.

I had some more encounters with friendly Bostonians today and then ended the day back in Mansfield having a look at the local folk music festival happening down the road which was… ermm… interesting.