This morning we went to the Borderland State Park just outside of Mansfield which was owned by a family who got rich selling shovels during the war. The grounds are open to the public but this old Mansion that sits on the property usually isn’t, but by a stroke of luck it happened to be having a free open day today. Unfortunately you weren’t allowed to take photos inside though (something I have never understood), but the old furniture, artefacts and awesome old library were really cool.

In the afternoon Christies friend Julie drove us to providence for the afternoon where we went to a pretty cool art gallery/museum which was free on Sunday and included some of Andy Warhole’s personal photographs and was attached to another old colonial mansion which was also free to view. We had some pizza at a pizzeria plastered with Shepard Fairey artwork and then finished the day watching Frozen with a massive bowl of popcorn. I think I may have a popcorn addiction.