Home made cookies, muffins and beers at Cheers!

Cheers! Never watched the show, but thought I couldn’t leave Boston without at least peeking in side the bar which inspired the show and having a beer at the replica, not that I need an excuse to have a beer. Contrary to popular belief, no one knew my name though.

I popped in to the hilariously named “Bell in Hand” tavern which is supposedly the oldest tavern in the USA, but was sadly refused service because I wasn’t carrying my passport (something required for foreigners to drink in bars in the USA, even if you do look 35).

I also met up with a lovely Peruvian woman from the Boston Couchsurfing page at the prudential tower and to admire the panoramic view of the city and have a drink.

Then back at Christies place I went over to deliver a letter to lovely Mrs Miller that Braedon had written where she had fresh home made cookies for me to take on the bus to NYC tomorrow. Then we went out for a Japanese feast and some drinks at the local dive bar (this time with my passport) with Christy and her friends for my last night in Boston. Christies lovely mother Peggy also had a muffin waiting for me for my bus ride. Man I feel so spoiled.