I planned to visit a few art galleries today, but then realised I would be going to a gallery opening with Dave on Saturday which would have meant 3 days of Art galleries in a row. So instead I decided to check out the Brooklyn Transit Museum which is set up in an old unused train station. It was ok, more geared towards kids, but the highlight was definitely the 15 or so old train carriages which are sitting underground in the old subway station. They date all the way back from when the subway opened in in the early 1900’s up until the present day carriages which I have been using several times a day and are plastered with old advertisements.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, which is a small area under and around the Brooklyn side of the Brooklyn bridge. DUMBO stands for Down Under the Manhattan Overpass and is where a tonne of art galleries and old industrial buildings stand.