With yet another hangover I headed out in NYC today with Vaguey and his mate Drew. We went to the MOMA Gallery for several hours where they have several Van Gogh and Andy Warhole pieces among many more, then we went on a burger hunt. Drew had been told about a little secret burger joint inside a swanky hotel, sure enough we found it in tucked away behind a curtain in the hotel lobby. The interior of the small burger shop was a stark contrast to the ritzy hotel lobby, with dim lighting and graffiti scrawled all over the walls by previous patrons.

Later in the night the 3 of us we met up with Laura, Dave, Amanda and one of Amanda’s friends at a music venue in Brooklyn called Glasslands Gallery to see Royal Blood, an awesome two piece band from the UK. Their set and the band before them were both awesome, and I couldn’t get over how full of a sound Royal Blood could get with just a drum kit and a bass guitar. It was a great night, ending in a bar crawl where we finished at some random bar eating tacos and drinking until 3am. It was awesome to see some live music again, thats for sure!