SO LONG NYC! I think today I have felt the most homesick so far, not much, just a wee little bit. Probably due to catching up with so many buddies here in NYC, both locals and people from back home. I had a delicious lunch and a couple of jugs of sangria with Jess before heading over to Brooklyn for a stroll through the street art ridden streets of Williamsburg and one final beer with Dave.

I have been tossing up which photo to use for my last day in NYC. The plan was to do another contact sheet of street art, or a subway shot, as I have used neither so far. I unfortunately never had time to go for a big street art appreciation day as I usually would in a city famous for its street art, so decided on a subway shot I took while on my way home at about 1.30am this morning.

I am about to board my flight to Sweden but with no wifi to upload this post so this will most likely be delayed, but thanks for everything dudes and dudettes who let me crash, who I partied with, who I explored with, and hung out with over the past few weeks. 2 weeks was definitely not enough time in your marvellous city, I will be back.