So half the point of me doing this project was to try and teach myself not to take so many photos while travelling. Most days I have been pretty disciplined and sometimes only taking a handful of photos, and sometimes just the one, but today was not one of those days. On an undisciplined day I might take about 100 photos, but today due to the epicness of my surroundings, I came out with a ridiculous 426 photos! A lot of them were 3 bracketed HDR shots, so the real number of usable photos can be bought down to between 150 and 200 photos. Still a pretty stupid number of photos.

Consequently todays photo was extremely hard to choose. In the morning I checked out the spectacular huge Seville Cathedral which houses Christopher Columbus’s remains and is the 3rd biggest Cathedral in the world. In the afternoon I jumped on a bus to Ronda. My friend Kori recommended Ronda to me and I curse her for ever showing me this magical place. I never knew such a place even existed. It is an amazing town and as soon as I arrived I instantly knew skipping Barcelona to come here was definitely the right decision.