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Day 353

NYC, the mega city that is actually tiny. I cannot get over how many people I keep running into, or how many people I meet that knows someone I know. All roads lead to NYC. I had a late start to the day, but went to check out some street art and “the Evolution store”…

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Day 351

I planned to visit a few art galleries today, but then realised I would be going to a gallery opening with Dave on Saturday which would have meant 3 days of Art galleries in a row. So instead I decided to check out the Brooklyn Transit Museum which is set up in an old unused…

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Day 343

New York, New York! I arrived into NYC last night during a huge downpour and rush hour delays but eventually made my way to Laura’s place sopping wet. Laura is another couch surfing buddy who stayed with us in Melbourne a few years ago. We were going to go out for a bit but decided to…

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