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Day 267

Another photo from Paracas National Park. (too) Early this morning we took a boat ride out to see a huge ancient rock carving of something that looks like a candle holder, however it’s exact origin is unknown but thought to be from 200BC. Then the boat took us to circle the Islas Ballestas to see the…

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Day 89

After drinking session at the hostel our day trip to scuba and snorkel the ancient Roman underwater ruins of Baia expanded from 3 people to 6 people. Another 2 Aussies and a Scott who insisted on using his Aussie accent and using the word shiela constantly. It took almost 2 hours to get there so…

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Day 14

I have just returned from an epic 3 Day camping trip on Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands So consequently I could not upload my photos from the past few days. On this day (day 14) my friend Tori who lives in a small village about an hour out of Edinburgh hosted me for…

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