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Day 30

Day 30 already! Coincidentally my friends Andy and Josh who I met at Miyajima backpackers exactly 2 years ago were having a going away party in London. It was a really great night with great people spent drinking at a bar under a bridge in London fields and then back at Andy and his lovely…

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Day 27

This is my current London Couchsurfing host Anthony. He enjoys fixing things, making cocktails, organic farming, creating sculptures, drinking tea, dancing on trees, chilling out, playing music and making films such as we did today in the park. Probably the most Zen guy I have ever met.

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Day 26

Cocktail experiments! my couchsurfing host is trying to create his own sustainable/environmentally friendly cocktails which means not being able to use Lemons or limes as they are all imported from south America to the UK. And yes, drills and duct tape are very important when creating cocktails. Still waiting for my charger so this was…

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