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Day 21

I returned to London today. My friend Jess and I got up at ridiculous o’clock to get the bus from Leeds to London. Then I though I should probably go and see Big ol Ben and the surrounding sites as they are close to my hostel. They were pretty cool, but not mind meltingly great. Afterwards I…

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Day 10

After having a very hazy day in London due to jetlag, I had about £190 stolen from right underneath me when I fell asleep in my hostel. Not the best start to my European adventure. But after lodging a police report and submitting a travel insurance claim I meet up with Coops, and old couchsurfing…

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Day 9

I arrived in London today. My plane landed at about 7am but I couldn’t check into my hostel until 2.30pm. So I spent the day wondering around Camden and the Camden markets like a zombie as I haven’t slept in about 36 hours or so. I really thought I should capture an iconic red phonebooth for my first London…

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