Old London town. Cloudy, rainy London town. Its been almost a year since I have been here so I set about trying to do some of the things I never got around to doing last time. First on the agenda was to check out tower bridge. I had seen it from a distance but not had a good gander up close. Tower bridge, check.

Next I went to see two free museums where I had intended to get todays photo, however in true european style photographs were forbidden inside the museums, which I never understood.

The first was a crazy winding maze of a mansion which holds all kinds of artefacts from around the world called the Sir John Soane’s Museum. The highlights being the house itself, and an ancient egyptian sarcophagus carved out of a single block of semi-transparent rock (that of which I cannot remember! Thanks, no-photograph rule).

The second museum was the Hunterian Museum which is actually inside the Royal College of Surgeons building and a little hard to locate of you don’t know what you are looking for. The museum was fascinating and a little disturbing. There were thousands of jars and specimens on display. From deformed human skeletons and foetuses, to cross cut sections of dog heads, diseased organs, surgical instruments and entire dried human veins and arteries dried out on wooden board. Some of it definitely wasn’t for the squeamish.

After failing to acquire a photo from the museums I made my way out to South Wharf where there is an art installation called the traffic light tree, and you can see why because it is exactly that, a metal tree made of about 50 traffic lights which change randomly causing confusion to all drivers who pass it.