So here it is, Day 365! A Photo (or collage of photos) every single freaking day for Three Hundred and Sixty Five days straight. Words cannot explain how amazing the past year of traveling non-stop has been. Most likely you have seen or read few of my posts if you are reading this and you may have an idea, which is the entire point. The things I have experienced, the places I have explored, these amazing people I have met along the way (I couldn’t fit everyone into one image, and didn’t have photos of everyone though, sorry!), and the old friends I have caught up with who are scattered across this deceptively small planet.

Some days it was difficult to find something to photograph. There were days I wanted to give up. Days where I just wanted to chill out in my hostel all day. Days where I was extremely hungover and delirious with lack of sleep and exhaustion, struggling to move and think let alone head out with a camera in hand. Days where I was just simply was lacking motivation and inspiration, but the desire to complete this huge project always won out.

Some days it was difficult to select a photos. Some days I would head out and take a single photo and know that this was my photo of the day. Some days I took literally 500 photos and then spent 5-6 hours sorting, processing and trying to decide out of 10 awesome photos which lucky photo made the cut. Some days I would already know what I was going to photograph before stepping out the door and would have to plan my whole day around being at a certain place at a certain time when the light was just right. Some days I walked around for hours taking photos and unhappy with any of them, but again the desire to complete this project always won out.

The reward of this project has been overwhelming. I now have a visual and written documented account of every single day of 365 days on the road. I now know my camera, lenses, gear and processing workflow inside and out. I know what gear I need and settings to use to capture a certain scene. I am (even) more organised and punctual. I have more dedication and drive to meet deadlines. I have the knowledge that I have inspired several friends and strangers alike to start traveling and the privilege of helping them plan their trips and give them tips. But most of all I have more confidence in myself as a photographer and a person.

So here it is. The things that I get asked the most while doing a trip like this. A list of stats which might help someone planning a huge trip like this.

KM Traveled by Air: more than 47,036 km

KM Traveled by Land: more than 29,786 km

KM Traveled by Sea: more than 1,355 km

KM Traveled by Foot: No idea, A lot.

Continents Visited: Asia, Europe, South America, North America

Countries visited: Singapore, UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Hungary, Vienna, Germany, Cuba, Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Canada, USA, Sweden.

Favourite countries: Peru, Albania, Spain.

Favourite places: Lisbon, Budapest, Belgrade, Cusco, Cappadocia, Meteora, Northern Peru, Amazon Jungle, Chilean Nitrate ghost towns, Bulgarian UFO, NYC.

Least favourite countries: Panama, Macedonia.

Least favourite places: Skopje, Rome, Greek Islands.

Most frustrating country: Cuba. By far.

Most Surprising Places: Albania, Greece, Naples, Northern Peru.

Longest Stay: NYC, 14 days.

Shortest Stay: Paris, France. 3 hours.

Vehicle Breakdowns: 5

Nights Couchsurfing: 60+

Nights Camping: 9

Job Offers: 4

Money Spent: Approx. $24,000 AUD

Photos taken: More than 44,000

Photos worth keeping: about 4000.

Coldest temp: -8 Degrees Celsius.

Warmest Temp: +43 Degrees Celsius.

Beard growth: 16cm

Insurance Claims: 3

So whats next? Well I still have some money in the piggy bank, so I am continuing my journey until the Australian summer starts to kick back in. I am writing a couple of articles for different people and websites so that will be my focus over the next few weeks while here in London.

The plan from here is to chill out in London catching up with some friends for a few weeks. Then I have a flight booked to Ireland where I will spend 10 days or more drinking as much Guinness as possible, before chasing the sun across northern mainland Europe through Amsterdam, Germany, Poland, Chezec Republic, Maybe some Baltic countries if Ukraine is still a no go zone, before heading into Russia to catch the Tran-Siberian Railway through to China. Once I reach China I will have to assess my options and money situation. I may end up hanging in China for a month or so, or finishing up my travels on a beach somewhere in South East Asia having a holiday from my holiday before returning to reality. A reality I am really not ready to face just yet.

But right now, I have not had a single day of doing nothing for an entire year. Not a single day away from my Camera and laptop, so its time to chill the fuck out. Thanks to everyone who I have met and traveled with along the way, everyone who has given me support (and even offered money and cameras from April fools haha), feedback etc. I highly recommend doing a huge trip like this sometime in your life if you ever get the chance, if you have any questions at all about travel, photography or this project then just ask!