Yesterday evening I liberated Laura’s couch in Brooklyn and moved into my own room and a real bed at my friend Jessica’s apartment in Manhattan. Turns out she has a crazy awesome cat named Jolene who terrorised me all night. At one point I woke up with her pouncing on my arm inflicting a giant scratch, and another time work up with her sleeping on my head/dreads. Despite all this I still slept like a princess!

After running some errands in the morning, I met dave across in Jersey City for a huge art gallery event at MANA. This place was MASSIVE! I couldn’t get over how many buildings and warehouses the artwork was spread through, and we didn’t even see it all. There were also some open studios where some of dave’s mates had their studios open to the public, and even some of picasso’s pieces.

There was great work all around, but for me the standout pieces were some pretty impressive pieces of ruined furniture which were cast in Aluminium and this half pipe which has been covered in canvas and then painted using the artists paint covered skateboard wheels.