So I went to the small village of Setenil de las Bodegas today to check out the hundreds of houses, shops and bars that have been cleverly built into the rock walls. The rocks act as a natural cooling/heating system and are also home to tonnes of birds! It was extremely hot but I managed to circumnavigate the town and check out pretty much every nook and cranny in about 3 hours.

Unfortunately I failed to check what the asterisk on the bus timetable meant and ended up being there for 3 more hours than planned. But no problem. I passed a bar built into an overhanging cliff that formed a cave with the houses across the street. So I spent the arvo researching my next destination on my Galaxy Note and cooling down with some cool cerveza’s.

The black markings on the roofs of the overhanging rocks are apparently soot from when people used to live underneath these rocks in prehistoric times. Also if you come here and go walking around just be wary of the dogs roaming the streets and alleys, all the ones I came across were friendly enough but its way too hot too be running from dogs in this area so be prepared for a fight to the death is one isn’t so friendly, or carry a stick or something…