So last night I met up with a Serbian Travel club and hung out with a bunch of people from all over Europe in their Travel House project. Its a pretty interesting concept which I will explain some more after I go back there and take some photos. We all went out for drinks and free Shishas then ended up at a square in the Albayzin part of town where some local and non-local musicians had gathered to jam together. We were out a bit late after some flamenco dance offs so I didn’t get started today until later than I had planned.

Last night I had learned of the cave dwellings in the hills around Grenada in the Sacromonte area which used to be home to the Gypsy population but are now mainly occupied by squatters. So my quest today after a quick street art appreciation detour was to find some of these cave/house/squats. I failed.

Well, not quite. I did see some of these cave dwellings in the cliff face across the river, but they were not the cave metropolises I was hoping to find, and I couldn’t find a way to get to them. I did also find a museum (although closed), found the king of the Gypsy’s statue, a crazy Gypsy house covered in plates and pots, and had a few beers and Tapas in yet another cave (see Day 71).

After about 2 hours in the 40 degree heat without any shade around I had to head back to town before getting heat stroke. After a few hours of research on the wonderful thing called the internet I think I have a better idea of how to find some of these caves (and now know there is a bus!) so I intend to go back when I have an earlier start to the day and can avoid the siesta heat.