These are some Bwauds you don wanna’ mess wit (please read in a strong Bostonian accent).

In the very early 1900’s this gang of women, fed up with the nations boozing set about vandalising saloons around in the USA. Lead by Carrie Nation; a radical woman who was strongly opposed to Alcohol before Prohibition was established, this gang of women would storm into bars carrying hatchets and rocks and set about breaking all the stock and bar fixtures all the while singing and praying with the lord by their side during their destructive missions. They became such a nuisance that the bars had to start employing bouncers armed with baseball bats to defend their business from this gang of women.

I had just enough time to run and snap a photo of this awesome photograph of the fearsome women which hangs in the Carrie Nation cocktail Club in Boston. It seems Bostonians love a bit of Irony with their cocktails.

So now I am on my way to NYC! Christy has spoiled me over the past week or so in Boston, bringing me ice cream, forcing me to rest in her super comfy bed while she took the couch, filling me with food, booze and coffee, driving me around everywhere and introducing me to her friends! I already miss you! once again it was awesome seeing an old couch surfing mate who lived in our laundry and good to see you haven’t really changed a bit. THANKS CHRISY! Stay awesome, good luck with the business, and maybe I will catch you again in Europe 🙂