New York, New York! I arrived into NYC last night during a huge downpour and rush hour delays but eventually made my way to Laura’s place sopping wet. Laura is another couch surfing buddy who stayed with us in Melbourne a few years ago. We were going to go out for a bit but decided to stay inside instead, cause nobody wants to deal with rain.

When I woke up this morning Scott (also a couchsurfer from Australia) and I went and grabbed some breakfast and then he took me on a small tour of the neighbourhood before leaving me to explore by myself. I ended up heading down to the Gowanus neighbourhood to check out some places listed on Atlas Obscura including a big warehouse full of movie props for rent and sale, a hilarious superhero supply store selling all kinds of crazy stuff and an small art gallery.

In the afternoon I met up with Dave to check out an open gallery art exhibition, then ended up at a spanish tapas bar. Coincidentally my mate Vaguey from Melbourne just happens to be in NYC too, and it just happens to be his birthday! So pretty sure we are heading out on the town knowing him.