Laura has all the hookups! She managed to get Vaguey and I VIP tickets for a food truck event she had been organising which meant we could eat and drink all we could handle for 4 hours. We also met up with two other Aussies there and the 4 of us set about stuffing out faces and getting as drunk as possible in true Australian fashion.

The event was pretty awesome and was held at the Intrepid Air and Space museum. So we were able to eat and drink on the Aircraft carrier deck, and check out the submarine and planes. We found it pretty funny how nothing like this event would ever be allowed in Australia due to our reputation for ruing anything nice, or getting drunk and hurting/killing ourselves. There were also heaps of giveaways and photo booths etc.

I only managed to tick off 8 of the 20+ food trucks, but lost count of the amount of drinks we had. I tried all of the booze on offer except the wine and remember having at least at least 4 pints of beer, 3 bourbons, 2 white whiskeys (something I didn’t know existed), 1 vodka, 1 unknown spirit, two bottles of beer… possible a few more…

Just before we were kicked out of the gate this awesome dude at the empanada van also loaded us up with two bags of empanadas, which I added to my bag which was already filled with loot which I had gotten at the gate. We also stopped in to have a drink with another Australian friend who just happened to be in NYC and then Some hours and drinks later I finally found myself passed out back on Lauras couch.