Last night I met up with my friend Jess for a few drinks (damn you and your awesome nightlife NYC). Jess and I were bunk buddies in Budapest and thanks to the powers of Facebook were were able to keep in contact and meet up in NYC again. Ah good old internets.

So today I was once again sporting an ever so slight hangover, but I made an early start to the day and went out to the old Worlds Fair grounds in Queens. What drew me to the fairgrounds were the huge structures that were left behind. There is a giant globe (which I believe a UFO crashed into in Men In Black), A huge tower with strange “Futuristic” platforms, and next to that a big, strangely designed outdoor theatre. The whole park is really nice and also contains a few museums, sporting venues and lakes, but the whole place has a sort of ghost town feel to it.

Afterwards I made my way to Manhattan and went for a stroll through a prat of Central Park again before meeting up with Dave for some delicious Chinese in Chinatown, then making our way uptown to Jess’s bar for some drinks.

10 points for anyone who can spot the plane flying over.