So after a great night out, Sunday unfortunately kicked us in the face with a hangover. Tascha and I didn’t end up getting mobilised and eating breakfast until about 1.30pm.

Afterwards we went to the Brick Lane Sunday market and somehow Tascha continued eating all day long. Breakfast (at lunchtime), Second market breakfast-lunch, lunch-dessert, afternoon tea, and then we made it to Chinatown and had a huge Japanese feast before catching a comedy show in west end‚Ķ Then she also managed a midnight snack of baklava! I blame her unquenchable hunger on this post being a day late. Way to eat the world Tascha ūüėõ

Sadly I left couchsurfing life today and went back to hostel life, complete with a huge fat snoring idiot. Tomorrow is my last full day in London (for now), so expect a sweet street art collage later!