London Street Art! Today was my last full day in London. Its been pretty amazing. I never really had much interest in the UK at all growing up, which I think was something to do with the dreary weather, but London is so lively, what it lacks in sunlight is makes up for in other things, like street art for example! Pretty sure I could see myself living here if it weren’t for the whole weather thing…

Most of these were taken around Brick Lane, Hackney Wick and Shoreditch areas. In any of these areas you can just take a walk through the back alleys and roads and find some pretty amazing work. You will also see people working on new pieces all the time, and they are usually always pretty friendly and will point you in the direction of other pieces etc.

I have also been posting a tonne of other pieces on my Instagram if your on the bandwagon and want to see some more:

Tomorrow i’m catching the bus to Amsterdam, where the hostels cost 3x more than London and its impossible to find a couchsurf! Hazzaaa!!